Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Best Time to be a Kid

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   I love the holidays nothing brings the kid out of me faster. I’m always the last one asleep on Christmas Eve and the first one awake on Christmas morning. I wish some adults didn’t take things so seriously and just share in the magic of the holidays.

  What I love most are the days and the anticipation leading up to the big day! For me the magic happens on Christmas Eve. We are serious about our December 24th traditions in our home.

   Every Christmas Eve the kids, my husband and I start it off playing board games. Usually a good game of clue helps us pass the time. Then we build the gingerbread house and make sugar cookies while listening to all of our favorite Christmas songs. The whole time we keep an eye out for Santa on the Santa tracker. I think I get more of a kick out of it than the kids but I’m ok with that.  After the cookies and house are done we end the night with sugar cookies, hot cocoa and our favorite movie… The Polar Express.

  We take one more look at the Santa Tracker to see just how long before he makes it to our house. We tuck the kids into bed and their dad and I spend the rest of the night wrapping presents.

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