Monday, November 3, 2014

Why I Don't Have a Bucket List

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    This is my birthday week. On Saturday I will be 34 years young or old depending on if you’re a glass have full/empty type of person. I’ve done some things in my life that I’m quit proud of but I still have a lot of things I’d love to do. I make lists all of the time of things I want to do. Mental lists, physical lists, lists on sticky notes, napkins ok so you get the point. I like lists. The one thing I don’t have is a bucket list. I know they’re a big deal for a lot of people but what happens when you’re done with that list? Say you’re lucky enough to complete everything on your bucket list. Do you make another one or is that just the end and you’re done doing stuff?

   I haven’t made a bucket list because at first I thought it was kind of morbid but then I realized my list would just keep going on and on. I don’t think I would ever finish everything on it because it would be forever growing.

   Maybe that’s kind of the point. Maybe we’re supposed to make these lists so we’ll be so focused on achieving our goals and fulfilling everything on our list that we’ll be so focused on living life to notice we’re getting older.

   I think I will make a list of things I want to do in life but I won’t call it a Bucket List. I’ll think of a great name for it and then share it with you on Saturday. Until then…

Keep adding to your list and crossing things off. 
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  1. I completely see were you were coming from but I personally use my bucket list and a way to stay focused on the things I want to achieve. Yes some of the things I want to do are a little out of reach but that's what keeps it fun. I absolutely think that your bucket list can keep going and going as long as you have things you still want to accomplish or see. And happy almost birthday pretty lady.

    --Me and My Mini Me