Sunday, November 2, 2014

Your Place or Mine

I was watching The Mindy Project recently. The episode when Mindy and Danny are still awkwardly working out their new relationship kinks and Danny didn’t want Mindy leaving her personal items at his apartment. Mindy tried everything she could to hide her things there so she wasn’t stuck lugging her crap back and forth every day. Of course I laughed because it was funny but then I got to thinking… I couldn’t relate.

I could not relate to Mindy Lahiri’s problem of not being allowed to leave her things at her boyfriend’s apartment. I couldn’t even relate to staying the night over at a guys place. Don’t get me wrong. Before I got married I dated just like anyone else. However, I had been on my own since a very young age. I had my first apartment at 16 years old (a story to be told another day). I’ve always been independent and while dating I never felt like I wanted to spend the night anywhere but in my own bed in my own home that I busted my ass to pay the bills at.

I’ve been in two relationships that lead to living together. In both cases they moved in with me. I didn’t want to depend on anyone else. I didn’t want to be in a situation where I could be the one kicked out in middle of the night if there were ever an argument that required one of us to leave.

I guess everyone dates differently.

Yeah Mindy and Danny’s back and forth banter was cute and playful but if I was Mindy I may have told him where to stick that damn toothbrush and not spent the night anymore. But that’s just me.

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