Thursday, December 18, 2014

Spreading Holiday Cheer

  I try my best to be full of Christmas cheer even if I’m not in the best mood. Yesterday was one of those days. I was tired, had a lot to do and had a very late start to my day.

   My first stop was to the bank. I had no intentions of talking to or seeing any one. I thought I was just going to go straight to the ATM and leave. Instead I pulled up to the teller drive thru. You know the one with the fancy smancy camera. The teller was nice and when she was done helping me with my transaction she told me to “Have a good day” and my reply was “Thank you. Have a good day and Happy holidays.” She gave me a strange look then a smile, said “You as well.” And the camera turned off.

   As I’m putting my license back in my wallet the camera pops back on and another lady appears on the screen. She wanted to tell me that she heard my conversation with the other teller and thought I sounded so nice she just had to talk to me herself. She went on to tell me how rare it is for them to get a “nice” customer and even more rare for anyone to wish them a happy holiday. The teller told me that I brightened both of their days and she just had to come on the camera to tell me “Happy Holidays” and even thou I wasn’t her customer I made her day.

   By her doing that it actually made MY day. I’m glad that even thou I was grumpy I didn’t let it show or take it out on the next person.

   However, I got to thinking… Is it that uncommon for people to spread holiday cheer these days? Has the season become that commercialized we can’t take the time out to wish someone a Merry Christmas or even at the least say happy holidays just to cover all bases/religions? I try my best to make people smile when I can. I know even if I'm not having the best day, theirs may be even worse. 

What’s your take on season’s greetings? Do you spread the cheer?

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  1. Yes, typically I wish people happy holidays. I used to work retail and people were all over the place this time of year. I try to be as kind to others as I can. Making someone's day is always nice. Happy holidays!