Thursday, March 5, 2015

Its My Body and I'll Tat it up if I Want to

   I’ve talked about my love for tattoos before on my other blog. I believe tattoos are artwork for our bodies. They’re permanent accessories. I have 5 and want so many more. I want to adorn my body with art. Some people think I don’t have enough (or too many depending on who you’re asking) but that’s their opinion and I can respect that tattoos aren’t for them.

   I don’t just want a bunch of small tattoos. I’ve already got that. I want quite large ones. By time I’m done I plan on having at least a half sleeve and one that goes from left hip up to my shoulder.
   Why all that you ask? Why not? Every tattoo I currently have whether I regret them or not tell a story about a time in my life. I’ve got a lot more stories to tell. Each one is like a page in a book.

   Many people ask how I’ll feel when I’m old and my skin wrinkles. I figure every good book has a few wrinkled pages.
   As for my family, only two of my kids think I’m crazy. Not because I’m a mother but because they don’t think anyone should have a ton of tattoos. My other kids are totally fine with it. They feel the same way I do, tattoos are a form of self-expression. My husband is cool with it too. Mainly because he knows that I’m gonna do whatever I want to do.

   We only live once, why not live as colorful as possible.

   Have you ever done anything that other people think is insane?


  1. I have one tattoo but plan on getting several more. My husband is supportive and has four of his own. My mom doesn't really care. My dad and stepmom have the biggest issue with it. They are religious and believe you shouldn't destroy or modify your body.

    I believe my body is a temple. And I'm going to decorate the damn walls. LOL

  2. I absolutely love this. While you're right tattoos are not for everyone, they are a form of self-expression and individuality and I can always respect that. I love that you think of your tats as bookmarks that remind you of a special time in our life. I say it's your body and if you choose to adorn it with artwork then more power to you doll.

    --Me and My Mini Me