Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Time I Dealt with a Disrespectful Parent

Once in a while I like to use my little part of the Internet right here to rant and get things off my chest. This is one of those times. I can’t promise you that this will be a short read but I’ll try.

   I’m no fool. I know that even in 2015 there are still men that have no respect for women but I had no idea it would be something I’d have to deal with in my own home. Let me explain the nonsense I’ve been dealing with for the past 3 weeks.

   My son Jay’s friend Robert and his family moved out of our neighborhood. The school year is almost over and the boy didn’t want to switch schools so the boy's parents would drop him off at the bus stop in the morning and pick him up from our house after school.

   In the evenings Robert would come in and use my house phone (yes some of us still use them) to let his stepdad know he was here and the man would then tell him to meet him at the bus stop and pick him up from there. This worked out fine… for a little while.

   During this time I started a new work from home job and began using my home phone as a work phone. I use the phone to log into work and then it connects me to the call center.

   I soon noticed after the first week of my new job Robert’s stepdad started picking him up later and later until one night he was still here at 6pm when I had to log in for work. As I’m trying to log in the man is calling asking to speak to Robert. I let him know I worked from home and he is now interfering with my job. He apologized and said it wouldn’t happen again. I let him talk to Robert and then I “went” to work. By the time I came out of my room almost 3 hours later for my break the kid was still here!!! I let him use the phone again since I was on break to call his stepdad and then I went back to work. From what I was told by the kids Robert didn’t leave until 9pm!

   Three days later it happened again and I politely told Robert’s stepfather that he needed to make other arrangements for his son because they are interfering with my job and I can’t have that happening. The man then tells me he wasn’t aware of the fact that I worked from home and also did not know it was my phone. I’m the mother of course it’s my damn phone! The man then said he had asked Robert before if there was another phone he could call from (which I thought was odd). I then told the man that there was a cell phone (which I had JUST purchased that day) but it was mine too! I gave the phone to Robert but reminded the man he needed to make other arrangements for Robert after school. He said ok.

   After all of that the boy was still coming to my house before and after school! I wanted to be nice so I gave them a few days to make arrangements. The final straw was when one evening after school there was a loud knock at the door. My daughter Dee Dee went to answer it and she didn’t see anyone right away. After looking around she saw a man walking to his car. This rude ass grown man literally knocked on my door and then walked away before anyone could answer then waited in his car for Robert.

   The next day I had a nice little talk with Robert and let him know such disrespect will not be tolerated in my house. He then called his stepfather and let him know what I said and the man got extremely angry because I felt it was rude for him to knock on the door and not announce who he was or why he was here.

   Turns out the man does not like dealing with women (my husband was at work so he couldn’t talk to him). Robert had been telling his stepfather the whole time that I worked from home and the phone was mine only for his stepfather to tell him “women shouldn’t work anyway and they should be in the kitchen.” Robert also let his stepfather know that “this is Jay’s mom’s house and you should be nicer since she is letting me stay here after school” only to be told “Women don’t own anything that’s Jay’s dad’s house.” That did it for me!

   On the last day of school before Spring Break I let Robert know I had no problem with him but if he came back over to my house I was going to make his stepfather sorry he ever disrespected me or my home.

   It’s a shame people like this are free to push their ignorant way of thinking onto the younger generation. As parents we really need to do better.

   As for Robert he hasn’t been back over so his stepfather must have heeded my warning.


  1. Oh wow, I can't believe he would say that! That man sounds incredibly rude and ignorant, and I'm not sure what century he thinks he is living in. It sounds like Robert could use a strong female role model in his life, so while it might be frustrating for you (which I completely understand!) perhaps it is for a really good reason (besides you being really helpful).

  2. If one thing pushed all of buttons in the wrong way, it is men that think they have a higher purpose or place than women. No thanks.