Monday, April 20, 2015

7 Ways to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

   As moms we already do so much and often times our plates can get really full. We work our butts off taking care of an entire household and yet we can get pretty down on ourselves and begin to feel inadequate because we’re not bringing in an income. We want to have extra money to either help with the bills or at the very least treat ourselves to a mani pedi and get out of the house. For many outside childcare is not an option. Not just because it’s so expensive but also because we may not want to leave our babies with strangers. Whatever the reason may be there are ways to make money and still be home with the kids. Here are 7 ways to make money as a stay at home mom.

Work from Home Job
   I get asked a lot of questions about this one from friends and family members. I started working from home a few years ago and now it is the only way I will work while my kids are so little. A lot of companies these days are trying to cater to us stay at home moms. So they have developed a way for us to work for major companies from the comfort of our own homes. When searching for a job its as easy as searching for “Work from home” and your search will give you a list of companies you can work from home for. A few that I know for sure are U-Haul, Progressive, Apple and Amazon. I work from home at night while my kids are asleep and it’s the best thing for my family.

Direct Sales
   I’m sure you’ve seen invites for these all over your social media feeds. Direct sales companies have become a fun way for moms to make money and hang out with their friends. If you’re not familiar with direct sales I’ll explain. You pay a fee and get a starter kit of products and your own website. You can host online parties or in home parties to sell the products and you earn commission. Ones that I have worked with or currently do are Stella and Dot and Younique. Jewelry and makeup are things I love so it was a no brainer to sign up with these companies. Other SAHM I know have done very well with Scentsy.

   If you have a skill or love of DIY you should think about selling your handmade goods on Etsy. The start up cost is extremely inexpensive at $0.20 a month for each item you list. There are more and more talented mamas going this route and making some pretty good income. You just have to know how to market yourself. Get your kids involved by using them as models.

   This one takes a special kind of patience. The way I see it is you’re already at home taking care of your own kids so why not get paid to take care of other kids too? The best part is your little ones have companions to play with and to keep them occupied so try to babysit for kids in the same age range as yours.

   I will admit that blogging is very time consuming and has to be nurtured for a while to see any cash flow but it can be worth it. I recommend doing a lot of research before jumping in. You’ll also want to set a schedule to get your blogging done uninterrupted. Try at night while the little ones are asleep. I plan on doing a whole post on how to start blogging in then near future so keep an eye out for that.

   There are a lot of sites you can sign up with that will pay you to take surveys. Not all of them are legit but there are a lot that are. On the up side you can get paid to take surveys right from your computer. The down side is you have to take a lot of surveys before seeing any money and you have to earn a certain dollar amount before the company sends you your money.

Yard Sales
   If you’ve got a garage, attic or storage shed full of things then I’m sure you have the potential to make some money. Items your kids have out grown, things you don’t use anymore, all of these are items you can sell and make money off of. Not only will you have cash on hand but you’ll also be decluttering your home so it’s a win win!

I really hope these tips help you in some kind of way. If you have any ideas for us stay at home moms on how to make money from home please share them down in the comments.


  1. These are great ideas, especially blogging;)

  2. Great tips! I think with hard work and an understanding that you can't work as much as you can without having children around it can be very empowering to be able to be a stay-at-home parent and contribute financially to your household!

    1. It is extremely empowering... and exhausting lol