Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easy DIY Crochet Bow

   When I first learned to crochet I was afraid to get out of my comfort zone. I started with anything that was a basic square shape. Potholders soon took over my free time. I soon realized those squares could easily become other things.
   My girls love when I make accessories for them so I started making crochet bows. I’m not the best at pictorials the only way to get better is to try. Practice makes perfect, right? Here is a really cute and easy crochet bow for you crocheters that are just starting out.

Yarn of your choice, corresponding hook and yarn needle (optional).

1. Put your slip knot on the hook.

2. Begin your chain according to how big you want your bow. I did a chain of 36.

3. Chain 1, turn your work and single crochet all the way across your work.

4.  I continued on with my rows of single crochet. I did 8 rows. Again this next step will depend on the size of your bow.

5. Once your rows are complete fold your rectangle in half and either crochet together or sew together using a yarn needle. 

 6. This is what your work should look like in the back.

7. Make a small rectangle using the same technique you did for the work above. I chained 4 and make 8 rows. 

 8. This is what you should have. 1 Large piece and 1 Small piece. 

9. Slide the small piece over the large piece all the way to the middle. The small piece will cover the seam in the back. 

                  10. This is what you should end up with. 

   Have fun and feel free to message me or leave a comment with any questions. If you decide to make this bow be sure to tag me so I can see it. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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