Thursday, June 18, 2015

Making Mommy Friends

   Regardless of how big our families are and how close knit we are being a mom can be the loneliest job ever. Let’s face it; it’s time consuming and thankless but we stick with it because it is the most meaningful thing we will ever do with our lives. However, as I’ve learned there needs to be balance just like with everything else in life. Our days and nights are filled with caring for the kids but we need to make sure we cater to our social side too. We need to get out and talk to grown ups other than our husbands and moms. I don’t mean just any grown ups. Sure it’s nice to catch up with old friends but if they don’t have a husband or children then how can they relate to what you’re going through if your kid just clogged the downstairs toilet with their race car for the second time this month or your husbands been working so much you can’t get a break to come up for air. They try to lend a sympathetic ear but they just don’t know what it’s like because quite frankly they’re not in the trenches every day like you are.

   We need other mom friends that get what it’s like to be in the house all day with demanding, fighting kids. They know how tired you are because they’re just as tired and the best part is they don’t question why you need that extra glass of wine and it’s not even dinnertime yet.

   For a long time now I knew what I was lacking, a social life! I knew I needed friends that understood me. I just did not know how to go about finding these wonderful people. Finally I stumbled across the most brilliant thing ever… a mommy group for my city on Facebook! It is made up of over 100 women in my area of all walks of life but no matter how different we all are we all are in the group for the same reason… to find mom friends.

   At first I was skeptical. I wanted to sit back and feel things out but now that summer is here it was time for me to take the plunge and start getting involved. I mean what’s the point of being in a group if you’re not going to get involved right?! The first event I attended was a mommy brunch on a Saturday morning and let me tell you, you cannot go wrong with mimosas and great company. I had a good time and met some really nice ladies. A few days later I took the kids to a park play date where they enjoyed themselves and a few even passed out in the car on the way home while others fell asleep once we got home.
   I think this group is something that I really needed. It’s easier for kids to make friends than it is for adults. It’s especially hard to meet new people when you work from home like I do. If you’re a mom that is looking for a new friend or a reason to get out of the house try looking for a mommy group in your area. If you have trouble finding any on Facebook try they have a ton of groups and you can even start your own. Either way don’t stay in the house and be lonely when you don’t have to. Get out, meet other moms and have fun.


  1. I'm part of a Facebook group for moms in the area and it's been fantastic! I have also formed friendships with other moms who had their first baby around the same time as me and it really helped me through what could have otherwise been a very lonely period when she was first born.

  2. I have the hardest time making "mom friends", but they are so important. Friends without kids just don't always see life the same way that you do once you become a mother. Lonely is an understatement... great post lady:)