Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Don't be Afraid to Say What's on Your Mind

   It seems even thou we’re in the year 2015 women still get bashed for speaking their mind. Why is it if we say what we’re thinking or feeling and someone doesn’t like it we’re called “Bossy”, “Bitch” or “Rude”? Why can’t we be called “Bold”, “Fearless”, or “Independent”? When men speak their mind they’re admired. They don’t get treated the way women do.

   I’m not trying to turn this into a battle of the sexes but I am trying to point out the double standard that clearly still exists. The double standard that makes some women afraid to speak up not only for themselves but for others as well.

   We should not be afraid to say what we want. To say what we feel. We are smart women with tons of ideas and we need to be able to express ourselves freely without the ridicule of other people.

   Regardless of what other people think or say don’t be afraid to not only think for yourself but also do it out loud so everyone can hear you. You never know, you may inspire someone.

This post was written as part of the "That's what she said" link up


  1. I am reminded of the song, "Say what you need to say." So powerful. Usually when we actually speak up, there are others who are also afraid to say the same thing so they don't. I have been afraid for a lot of my life so it is quite empowering to (finally!) speak up!

  2. YES!! The double standard is quite annoying. Why is it that women are called "bitches" for speaking their minds? I like bold, fearless, and independent much better. Sometimes we are hushed... stifled and told stopping being so sensitive. Women can be passionate and smart with tons of sensitivity that helps us draw powerful conclusions. Don't mock us!
    I love this quote and your take on it... perfect for That's What SHE Said :)
    Thank you!!!

  3. Yes, yes, and YES again!! I will never forget the first time someone called me a bitch (at least to my face). I was in college and it hurt, more than I would have thought it would! But I think it because it was meant in a negative light, when really I had done nothing to be deserving of being called that name. Yes I was confident, yes I spoke my mind freely, yes I was bold enough and daring enough to go after things I wanted. But surely that didn't make me a bitch. Thank you for sharing your insight at this weeks That's What She Said Link Up. Dean and I are so happy to have you!