Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Who Do You Prefer to Get Advice from?

Today’s writing prompt from BlogHer is… Do you prefer to take advice from strangers or from people close to you?

   I’ll be honest… there have been times people have tried to give me advice and because I knew them and knew what type of person they were I would literally zone out while they were speaking. I’ve received advice from people on topics they knew nothing about. People like to give advice. It makes them feel needed and helpful. The good thing is we don’t have to take any advice if we don’t want to. Advice is one of those things that sometimes gets forced upon you.

   I have actually met a person who would give advice that she was never asked for then get mad when the person did not take her advice.

   If I feel that the advice is useful I’m going to take it into consideration whether it comes from a person I know or not. It also depends on the topic of the advice. Is it business, personal or family related? If the person is an expert on the topic I’m seeking advice on than that’s all that matters.

   I’m usually open to listening to advice from anyone.  However,
Just because it’s coming from someone I know it doesn’t mean that they necessarily have my best interest at heart.

August 2015

   Bottom line if they know what they’re talking about and I feel they really want to help me then I’m taking their advice, stranger or not. Who do you prefer to get advice from and what do you do when it's unsolicited? Leave a comment below. 

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