Thursday, November 5, 2015

Life After High School: The Grown Up Years

   Being a parent is not the easiest job in the world. In fact I'd say it's the most time consuming and demanding job next to being someones spouse. After 17 years of being a parent I still get curve balls thrown at me and I don't think I handle certain situations with the finesse of Claire Huxtable but I still try. 

   Since my daughter Dee Dee's freshman year my husband and I have done our best to get her to think about her future. Already she's got things a lot easier than the two of us had it her age. As a high school freshman she told us she felt like we were rushing her into thinking about her future. She's our oldest child which means she is the first one we've had to talk to about her future and college. Even thou we have small talks here and there with the other kids too but they've all still got time. So we thought maybe we are rushing her. So we eased up a little mainly because we had our big cross country move coming up.

   Once we moved and Sophomore year came around we started talking about college and her future again. She told us she was thinking about and even said she may want to move out of state for school but that was all we got but come Junior year we needed more from her... A LOT more.

   Junior year we stayed on her ass demanding to know what her plans were. "Can we at least get the names of some schools you're interested in and some degree programs?!" She told us she was finally ready to look into what she wanted to do with her life and we couldn't be happier. She had always wanted to be a writer but recently decided she wanted to be a History teacher! Yes!!! She finally has some direction. Well, she lost her way a week later when she broke the news to us that she wanted to be a linguist. Two weeks later a bounty hunter (I can't make this shit up) and over a very short period of time she gave us about 5 different professions. 

   Hubby and I decided to ease up for a little while. The way I saw it, most of her friends were calling and texting telling her about their post high school plans and eventually she'll feel left out with no plans of her own to share.

   Now it's Senior year, the eleventh hour and now she has a job she likes. Dee Dee and I usually have some pretty intense convos over text which come out of no where and usually start after a simple question like "How's your day going?" It was over one of these texts that I found out she wants to move out after graduation and take a year off from school. 

   Now I don't know about you but I've dreaded the thought of this for years. Even before this year. I worked college enrollment for 5 years and I've come across adults that wanted to start school but were scared to because they took that damn 1 year off after graduation and now it's been 5 years. Why so long? Because life happens and then when you think you're ready to go back you're afraid you're going to be the oldest person sitting in a college classroom and scare yourself out of going back.

   Dee Dee's dad and I are still talking to her and trying to help her get on track and work towards the wonderful future we both see possible for her but we've got a long road ahead of us. 

   Do you have kids in college or about to graduate high school? How did you get them ready for the real world? Leave me a comment, I would love to know your story.

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