Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Parenting Goals

   I think it’s safe to say that no matter how long you’ve been a parent you can stand to make a few changes here and there. I think I’m going to start making parenting goals for the New Year. While in my mind I’m pretty damn awesome there is always room for improvement. I know my kids can probably agree with that. So here we go, my Parenting Goals of 2016!

Be quick to listen and slow to rage the hell out!
I can admit when I’m wrong… sometimes. There are times when my kids have worked my nerves so badly that I have absolutely no patience anymore and I will flip out without even hearing anyone’s side of the story. I mean really how many times can a person hear the same argument about someone stealing his or her clothes?!

Don’t let so many kids call me Mom.
This doesn’t mean my kids. Although there are those days…. I mean other people’s kids. For years I’ve had my kids’ friends call me Mom. Not because I want them to but because they feel close enough to me that they choose to. However, there have been a couple of occasions where the kids weren’t the best behaved and if you’re going to be calling me Mom you better be as well behaved as my worst behaved kid. The last thing I need is for someone’s kids to screw up and some how I get caught up in it.

Punish more.
Even thou I yell a lot I have become quite lenient. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been a parent for so long and they’ve taken all the fight out of me or what but I don’t hand out punishments like I used to. That has to change this year!

Don’t try to do it all.
There are 7 of them and 2 of us. My husband is at work most of the time, which means it’s them against me. Everyone needs something at some point of the day as well as myself. I have to take care of everyone’s needs including mine. At times it’s just not possible. I’m going to drop the ball once in a while and that’s ok.

Don’t be so hard on myself.
This goes with the last one. When I do drop the ball I need to acknowledge it and then move on. I can’t dwell on it.

Let the kids fight more of their own battles.
The kids come to me for a lot of things. There are those times I want to jump in and fight their battles for them but it’s just not always necessary. They are growing up and need to have a sense of self. How else will they learn if Mama Bear is always coming to the rescue?

Don’t let the younger kids get away with so much.
The 2 and 4 year old are just so darn cute! I can’t help it but I have to resist their cuteness and the urge to kiss and cuddle them as they stand there with the refrigerator door open surrounded by a milk puddle of their own doing.

Have more family outings.
Everyone gets so busy doing his or her own thing. We spend a lot of time in the house together but it’s usually late at night. We just need to plan and get out more as a family.

Don’t let Sundays get interrupted.
Sundays have always been family day for as long as I can remember but over the past couple of years things come up and we don’t spend as many Sundays together all day like we used to. I really need to make sure that changes. Some of our best times together came from a Sunday of us just lounging around and being a family with no outside interruptions.

Embrace it all.
There are good times, bad times and everything in between. I need to just embrace it all and appreciate each and every moment of this and every year.

   I know I’m not the only parent that wants to make changes in the New Year. Leave me a comment below and let me know what your Parenting Goals are for 2016.

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