Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Birthday Party Etiquette : The Golden Rule of Gifts

   Growing up my little sister and I were invited to birthday parties all of the time. Since our birthdays are less than 2 weeks a part we usually celebrated our birthdays together. It was instilled in us at a young age that you should never show up to a party empty handed and in turn no one ever showed up to any of our parties empty handed. It’s birthday party etiquette.

   As I grew up and started having kids of my own I started noticing that things were changing. My kids would chose their theme and I would go out and buy Barbie, Hulk, Princess and Spiderman invites, balloons, cake and whatever else I could find that was only going to get thrown away or eaten after the party. The day of the party would come and kid after kid (and some parents) would show up ready to party. The smiles were there right along with their hungry bellies but something was missing… gifts. Where were the gifts?
   Now don’t get me wrong. Parties aren’t always about presents and some kids did show up with a gift. I also know that not everyone can afford to buy something but that’s not always the case.

   I’ll be honest. I don’t throw nearly as many parties for my kids as I used to. Parties aren’t cheap. I now rather let the kids decide what they want to do for their special day and spend the money on that and gifts for them than to spend money on food, drinks and bounce houses so other people’s kids can come over and play. My kids seem to like things this way and it still comes out to the same amount as if we had a full-blown party.

   Maybe things have changed and I’m just set in my ways. What’s your opinion on bringing gifts to a kid’s birthday party? Do you care if people come to your kids’ party and not bring anything? Sound off below.

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  1. I love throwing my kids parties... but now that my son is older I do let him choose what he wants.. lucky for me he loves birthday parties too! ha! ;)