Monday, January 11, 2016

Wendy Williams VS Alyssa Milano & Breastfeeding shame

   It’s 2016, why is breastfeeding shame still a thing? I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that people get offended and upset because a mother chooses to nurse her baby in public. There isn’t anything wrong with the mother, there’s something wrong with the person that finds it improper.

   I see things on a daily basis that pisses me off but what is the cause of this particular rant you ask? I made the mistake of watching Wendy Williams the other day when Alyssa Milano made an appearance. I absolutely love Alyssa. I used to love Wendy… not so much anymore. As if mothers don’t catch enough hell in their day to day lives we damn sure don’t need other moms making shit harder for us.

   Wendy decided to let it be known she is against mothers nursing their babies in public and feels they should step away and feed their children in the car. In the car Wendy? Really? In the Fu$#%ing car Wendy?!?

   She then goes on to say that breast are sexual things…  no shit Wendy. I’m pretty sure breasts were in some way part of the whole reason why the babies that need to be fed came to be any damn way. Now that they’re here they need to be fed and not in a damn car, bathroom or any other uncomfortable location! Breast can be used for a couple things but one of their main uses were made to feed and nurture children if the mother chooses to do so.  I have to say though; my favorite part of the whole interview was when the talk show host referred to breasts as
 “Fun bags”. First of all I seriously dislike the term “fun bags” I prefer tits if we’re going to be manish about it. Second of all, men don’t even act like this.

   There are men with more sensitivity towards the topic then women! You’d think that women would unite and stand together and support one another but women bring each other down more than men do!

   If you have a problem with a mother breastfeeding her baby here’s an idea…. DON’T LOOK!

   If you want to see Alyssa Milano stand up to Wendy Williams like a boss you can watch here. Everyone has an opinion so what’s yours? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I actually saw this and was really shocked by what Wendy said!!