Saturday, February 13, 2016

25 Date Night Ideas for Parents

   Once we become parents things like date night can become a thing of the past. We all know that being a parent can put a real damper on romance. When you’re working, focused on your kids and trying your best not to lose yourself you begin to spend less and less quality time with your spouse. You still love one another you just kind of become zombies with kids attached to you. We have to make time to be with our significant other and since there are kids involved we may have to get a bit creative. To help you out I came up with a list of date nights for parents. Some ideas are as simple as doing something at home once the kids are in bed. Other ideas are for those rare times you’ve got some extra cash and a babysitter. Either way I’m sure you’ll find something on this list you can enjoy with your spouse.

At Home

Cook for each other
Find a recipe for something you’ve never had and make it together. This one works best after the kids have been fed and are down for the night.

Stay up late to watch TV
I like to watch the Daily Show before bed. Watch some grown up TV. Something I’m sure you don’t get to do often.

Have a glass wine outside
It doesn’t have to be wine and you don’t have to stop at one glass. Whatever your poison take it on the porch with your spouse and enjoy the fresh air.

Make dessert together
Some desserts can get kind of complicated so put your heads together and chose a good one! Teamwork makes the dream work.

Dance with each other
In your bedroom or your living room. Turn on your favorite jams and just dance. You don’t need to leave the house to have a good time.

This may seem lame but it’s nice just being with your spouse and not doing anything at all. If it’s cold or raining and you’ve got a fireplace light it up!

Game night
There’s nothing like some good old friendly (or not) competition between a husband and wife. Dust off your board games and go for it.

Light the fire pit and make s’mores
If you don’t have a fire pit start a fire on the grill and make some s’mores. It’s a cheap way to have fun.

Netflix and chill
This one aint just for the teenagers. Chances are you’re probably using what free time you do have to binge watch your favorite show on your own now do it together.

Watch the sun set
Because it’s romantic.

Hang out in bed and eat junk food
This is one of my favorites. It really feels like you’re hanging out with a friend and losing track of time laughing and pigging out.

Give each other a sensual massage
This on reserved only for when you’re ready to heat things up.

You really can’t go wrong with this one. That is unless you’re just talking about your kids. If you are… STOP IT! Talk about anything but the kids.

Read together
This one is good if you both like to read. Share a book together and don’t skip ahead. Only read it together.

Go Out

Walk in the park
If the weather is nice and you get some time way from the little ones go for a walk and enjoy your surroundings.

Go out for coffee
Going to a coffee shop around other adults for a few minutes might recharge you both.

Go for a drive
Sometimes it can be really relaxing to just get in the car and drive without a set destination.

Go to the zoo
Who doesn’t love the zoo?!  It’s a very different experience without kids.

Walk the pier
If you have a pier or river walk wear you live it can be a really nice, romantic outing for the both of you.

Go to a bar and watch a game
If you’re a couple that enjoys sports go to a bar and root for your favorite team and throw back a few beers.

Farmers market
For you early risers this might be a good one for you. An added bonus is you’re helping your community.

For you not so early risers a brunch is a great idea. Especially if it’s a champagne brunch.

Ice cream
Just need to get away together for an hour? Go get some ice cream. Be sure to eat it before you come home so you don’t have to share with the kids.

Drive In
If you really want some alone time head to a drive in. You get to see a movie and be “alone”. You don’t have to risk the kids barging in on you.

Dance class
If you both love to dance sign up for a class. Salsa is very sexy if you really want to take it there.

I hope you find these helpful. If you’ve got any ideas for date night ideas for parents leave them in the comments below.

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