Thursday, March 31, 2016

Things that Annoy Me about Working from Home

   Since having my youngest son in 2011 I found it easier to work from home. Back when I first started having kids working from home was not an option. So I worked a regular 9-5 for years while my kids went to daycare and home baby sitters. I felt really bad having to leave them. Especially on those days they just didn’t want to be away from me and I could hear their cries all the way to my car.

   Now that working from home is an option I’ve worked for a few different companies including U-Haul, HSN and my favorite Apple Tech Support. However, this isn’t a PSA on why you should work from home. Instead it’s about things that piss me off about working from home. More specifically, what other people do that piss me off.

   One that really bothers me is when people say “Working from home isn’t a real job.” Oh it’s a real job alright with a real pay check to pay these real bills! What people don’t know is when they’re calling their cable company, cell Phone Company etc. they’re talking to someone at their home in their pajamas. I don’t what makes people think a work from home job isn’t a real job. Do they think we live in the land of make believe making Monopoly money while we live next door to Daniel Tiger?

   To take it even further I’ve had people try to make plans with me and when I tell them I can’t because I have to work they tell me “Just don’t do it. Who’s gonna know?” Which then leads me to having to explain I have a supervisor and an actual team that would know if I didn’t log in for my scheduled shift. So yeah, lots of people would know. Including the good people over at the unemployment office.

   It’s not just outside people that have gotten on my last nerve when it comes to working from home. My kids seem to lose their minds at least 1 shift a week. In the beginning of me working from home they would knock on my door, turn the TV up to 135 and turn my Livingroom into kid’s Fight club! They’ve since outgrown that and know to leave mom alone when she’s working… most of the time.

   Besides the normal issues I’ve had some pretty crazy experiences and one of them is a kid that moved out of our neighborhood wanted to continue going to the same school. So his parents would pick him up from our house once the bus dropped them off. All of a sudden it started getting later and later until I went on my break one night and the boy was still at my house at 10pm!! There is a lot more to the story but you’ll have to read the full drama here.

   A lot has gone on since I’ve been a work at home mom but the wildest thing yet is my husband’s friend and his wife came over one night because he was having an asthma attack and they didn’t want to spend money on a co-pay so they came to our house to get a breathing treatment! Thankfully I had just started my break so I was able to get them in and out within my 15 minutes with no problem. I guess they did get faster (cheaper) service at my house than if they would have went to Urgent Care or the hospital.

   Bottom line is if you work from home don’t feel bad if people don’t get what you do. It’s not for them to understand but they should respect it. And if you’re someone that ha a friend or family member that works from home LEAVE THEM ALONE! A work at home job is just as stressful as having to leave the house to go to work. So don’t put any added BS on their shoulders.

If you’ve got a crazy work from home story or just want to vent leave a comment below.

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