Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bad Moms Movie Review

    So about 2 months ago some ladies in my “Mom group” suggested we get together to see Bad Moms opening night. Usually when we have a mom’s night out there is an ok turn out. By ok I mean anywhere between 7 and 10 moms maybe. This time there was an RSVP in our Facebook group for somewhere around 40 and 34 ended up showing up for the movie! It was amazing!

   Now imagine a movie about “Bad moms” playing in a theatre FULL of actual self-proclaimed bad moms… It was rowdy to say the least!

   So basically the movie is about Mila Kunis. She makes some new bad ass mom friends that have one thing in common. They’re tired of… well… Momming. I don’t know if that’s a word yet but dammit it needs to be. Each of them are in different relationship stages of life which I mean aren’t we all?!

   So they basically go up against another group of moms lead by Christina Applegate. These are the moms that make it hard for the rest of us. They’re the judgy moms that can do no wrong. I know you know a few just like them.

    The movie was absolutely hilarious. It’s full of raunchy jokes, horrible language, lots of alcohol and women sticking together. So it’s basically a bunch of my favorite things. No matter what type of mom you are you’re guaranteed to see yourself in at least one of the moms in this movie. I was with a really big group of women and every one of us was able to relate to the ups and downs of being a mom and this movie did a good job of showing just how much of a shitfest motherhood really is.

   It’s not just being a mom that can be trying at times but being a mom around other moms isn’t always fun. Some moms haven’t grown up from their days of bullying on the playground and they’re quick to point out what you’re doing wrong with your kids compared to them. Bad Moms is the perfect movie to make you feel good about your parenting skills. The moral of the movie? No mom is perfect and that’s ok. So go grab all of your mom friends and mom frenemies and go see the movie. I promise you’ll like it. If not…. Well I told you I wasn’t a movie reviewer.

   Oh fun fact… after I posted the picture of us moms on my Instagram the producer of Bad Moms left me 2 comments and followed me. Uh yeah it pretty much made my day!


  1. My neighbors went to see it and I couldn't go - so I am bummed that I will most likely end up seeing it alone :( --HOWEVER, I have heard (and now read) just how awesome of a movie it is!

  2. I got to see it this weekend...pretty good film, but a couple spots were a little off in my opinion. I'm pretty good at suspending disbelieve for the sake of a plot line (geez I haven't seen a bake sale in 15 years) but when drugs are involved? I don't care what school you go to, that gets you suspension and cops, not a slap on the wrist.